Combo Case

Combo Case

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Our combination option lets you mix and match our flavors on checkout. Simply leave us a note at check out of how many you'd like of each in your case (up to 6) and we will get it sent out to you right away!

If nothing is specified we will default to (2) Rosemary and Sea Salt and (2) Sunnyseed and (2) Cheddar N' Pepper.

Rosemary and Sea Salt

Here Yee Here Yee. This is a message to all my faithful Cracker Heads. Our new Rosemary and Sea Salt Cracker is quite delectable and delicious. Filled with Rosemary and a hint of Sea Salt – it will leave you yearning for more!


Tip your hats to Thee Old Faithful. Sunny Seed I am talking about my Cracker Heads. Full of Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, and Sesame. My Sunny Seed Crackers are beyond the average cracker. The only word to describe them is: Incredible!

Cheddar N' Pepper

Good Day all you Cracker Heads. Here is are latest addition, "Cheddar N' Pepper." This Cracker is like Cheese Its on steroids. Two year aged Tillamook cheddar cheese with a hint of pepper. Should I say more, I think not! This cracker is out of this world!!!