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About Us

Jovani Prince launched The Cracker King in 2017, after losing his job while he and his wife were expecting twins, he knew he needed to find a stable career to support his family. The only person he could fully count on was himself, so he decided to start a business - something to pass on to his children. The family went to visit Juanita Prince, Jovani’s mother, who gave them delicious hand-made crackers for the long drive home. While snacking on the crackers, Jovani’s wife turned to him and said that he should create a business selling these crackers. Juanita is the inspiration for the creation of the company. She helped develop the first gluten free cracker recipe, which gave rise to more flavor ideas.

The small black owned business has grown from Farmers Markets in Portland, Oregon to selling their award-winning gluten free crackers nation-wide. Our gluten free crackers won 1st place in the Snack Food category in 2021 and 2022 Good Food Awards, a program organized by the Good Food Foundation. Jovani’s Gluten Free Kingdom has grown to include a team of people who stand behind The Cracker King’s values of community, integrity and using non-GMO, high quality ingredients to create the tastiest gluten free cracker on planet Earth!

Peace, Love & Crackers!
Jovani Prince AKA “The Cracker King”